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When the going gets rough…
Freya Hoffmeister is one of only two to have circumnavigated Australia in a kayak. She is the only woman and the only unassisted paddler to have achieved this feat. Following this 2009 adventure she is currently circumnavigating South America –the first ever to  attempt this. She has numerous other spectacular kayak expeditions under her belt.

When Point 65 and Freya began designing the FREYA 18, safety, comfort, and speed were key design features. The result is stunning. Even the most experienced paddler can become frustrated with the constant bracing in the rough. The Point 65 FREYA 18 changes everything. This lightning fast expedition kayak is designed for maximum speed when conditions get real. The FREYA 18 is designed to outrun most anything while keeping its rider safe in the cockpit through the most fearful chop, surf, wake or you name it. After hours of paddling, being safe is essential. It’s the combination of speed and stability that makes the FREYA 18 truly unique.

The FREYA 18 compiles all  Freya Hoffmeister’s experiences from years of extreme long-distance expedition paddling, and the result is a kayak with speed vis-á-vis stability and comfort. It is designed in cooperation between Freya and the award-winning design engineer and avid paddler Magnus de Brito, using highly advanced hydrodynamic design technology combined with experience and extensive testing. Freya and Magnus have created a unique expedition kayak that is faster than most while comfortably stable even in the roughest conditions.

The large storage compartments are designed to hold gear for weeks of unassisted paddling. Your heaviest gear will barely slow it down – this is an ideal expedition kayak built to carry a huge payload. The Freyas  innovative integrated keel rudder gives the kayak incredible maneuverability. The retractable skeg is integrated in the rudder which increases the maneuverability and offers great tracking when winds and currents are working against you.

The Freyas deck is designed similarly to a surfski. A surfski is designed for paddling in windy conditions using a rudder. So is the Freya. It’s high bow works together with the skeg balancing the kayak against weathercocking (turning upwind). The high bow is an essential design element to this end. Just as on a surfski, the large bow volume also optimizes surf performance in waves and swells. The deflective curves at the sides of the bow and in front of the cockpit keep you dry in rough conditions.

The cockpit is long and wide to enable powerful strokes through optimal legroom as well as increased comfort during entry and exit. Store heavy gear in the two large, bone dry oval hatches, lighter bags for your small essentials in the large 20cm day hatch. It comes with the integrated keel rudder and the retractable skeg, moveable centered rudder pedals in light weight carbon.
Produced in advanced light weight composite technology, the FREYA 18 is available as two options: Fiberglass 25kg/55lbs) and Pro Lite in carbon/kevlar (21kg/46lbs).

The FREYA 18 is available in limited edition only.

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