Laura Dekker – the youngest person trying to sail around the world has by some lucky chance while on her break in Caribbean come across our wonderful inflatable catamaran – MiniCat.


From the comments she put on her website it seemed that she really enjoyed the experience of sailing this ultra-light weight boat. And so we decided that it would be great if she had MiniCat on board of her yacht Guppy and promoted it to the thousands of visitors of her website and to people she meets on her trip.

We are delighted to announce that  she is now a proud owner of MiniCat SPORT in Red with customized sail and MiniCat Worldwide is sponsoring her. We donate 100 EURO from every boat we sell through our website toward Laura’s magnificent trip around the world. If you wish to be a part of this fantastic relationship buy your MiniCat now and sponsor Laura Dekker.


Here is some of what Laura Dekker said about MiniCat in her weblog :
“Not long ago, I wrote that I sailed with an inflatable mini-catamaran with my sister. Due to some coincidences, I will be the owner of my very own mini-catamaran soon, and then I will enjoy speeding around even when lying at anchor. Also I will be getting 100 EURO for each MiniCat sold through me! Sooo… I will do a little bit of advertising: It sails really well and it is very fast. It is easy to assemble and the boat is very well thought out so you do not need much storage space if you are not living near to the sea. It can be carried along in one big bag. Usually advertisements are very much exaggerated but this one really says it like it is. I have seen and sailed numerous inflatable catamarans and this one really stands above them all.”