2016 Fanatic Viper Air


Without a doubt the Viper Air is the most desirable inflatable WindSUP ever. Lighter and tougher than traditional boards, it’s the ideal watersports toy. Pure fun for the whole family, schools and clubs.

Product Price: $11,700.00
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  • Hong Kong: $250.00

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Windsurf enthusiasts and SUP lovers are equally stoked about the diversity the Viper Air has to offer. With
years of experience in building the best entry level Windsurfboards, we made sure that the Viper Air is spiced with similar characteristics; optimum glide,
stable platform, great turning potential and all round manoeuvrability. These classic traits are rounded off with our high quality Double Layer technology for top stiffness and light, hassle free handling. Two removable fins

(rear & center) make it easy to switch from windsurfing
to SUP and adjust the Viper Air to your needs. For super easy transportation, we’ve packed the Viper Air in our premium Wheely Backpack with padded straps, belly belt and compartments to have all the accessories in place, including our new Fanatic Power Pump.

Safe, straight forward and utterly sensational!

  • High Quality Double Layer technology with top materials and manufacturing
  • Excellent Wheely Backpack with padded straps, accessory compartments and belts for ease of transport
  • New ergonomic Fanatic Power Pump
  • Removable center and rear fin
  • Comfortable and grippy footpad, towing eyelets and comfy carrying handle
  • Deck net to attach luggage
  • Mastfoot insert for windsurfing option
Model Volume Width Length Thickness Weight* Fittings Sailsize
VIPER AIR 315 315 l 85.1 cm 299.7 cm 6″ / 15 cm 11.0 kg 2 × Fly 19.5 cm; 2 × US Box 10″ 1.5 – 8.5 m²
VIPER AIR 358 358 l 85.2 cm 335.3cm 6″ / 15 cm 13.2 kg 2 × Fly 19.5 cm; 2 × US Box 10″ 1.5 – 8.5 m²

*Weight tolerances of ± 8% possible


Built to last. Our Double Layer (HD) Technology is an inflatable construction for heavy duty usage. A triple layer rail construction (Viper Air only) ensures better stiffness and durability. For the Ripper Air Windsurf we use a Double Layer rail construction only to save some weight. Stiffness and performance is guaranteed, as the Double Layer

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